Magic Dust Mixing Set

  • Create fairy dust using the included recipes book, or make your own!
  • Make anything from “Sweet Dreams” to “Find My Tooth” dust
  • Comes with lab glasses, a mixing bow, a spoon, a funnel, and empty bottles to store the dust creations
  • Recommended for ages 3+


magic dust art set
Magic Dust Mixing Set


This high quality art set for kids is a unique one. Instead of drawing or painting, kids will be able to create their very own magic fairy dust. Simply follow the instructions in the recipe book to create anything from “Sweet Dreams” dust to “Find My Tooth” dust. Shake things up a little bit, and you can even design your own kind of dust.

The Magic Dust Mixing Set comes with lab glasses, tiny mixing bowls, a spoon and funnel, along with empty bottles to hold the dust creations. Spend hours creating magical mixtures!



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