Sudoku Plus Puzzle Book – (4 Volumes to Choose)

  • 8″ tall book, so easy to carry and to read
  • Solve over 60 Sudoku puzzles
  • Solve Loco Sudoku and Sumoku puzzles for an even greater challenge
  • Answer key in back


Sudoku puzzle book
Sudoku Plus Puzzle Book – (4 Volumes to Choose)

Each Sudoku Plus Puzzle book is 8″ tall, so it can easily fit in your hands and is easy to read. Not only does each book come with over 60 Sudoku puzzles, but it also comes with other forms of Sudoku puzzles as well. Loco Sudoku (also known as Jigsaw Sudoku) has similar rules to Sudoku. However, the objective is to fill in bold-lined shaped with the numbers 1-9. Think of it as Sudoku on steroids. Sumoku is a variation where you must still fill in each row and column with 1-9. However, there are also boxed in regions where adjacent numbers must sum up to the “key value”.

This Sudoku puzzle book is perfect for those who want to take a stab at other forms of the popular puzzle game. There are 4 volumes to choose from, or you can buy them all! If you ever become stuck, there is an answer key in the back.


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