Variety Puzzle Collection Book (2 Volumes to Choose)

  • Complete over 10 styles of puzzles – from Sudoku to mazes to cryptograms
  • Solve over 240 total puzzles
  • Answer key in the back
  • Choose from two volumes


variety puzzle book
Variety Puzzle Collection Book (2 Volumes to Choose)

This variety puzzle book comes with over 10 types of puzzles, so it will be impossible to be bored while solving the more than 240 included brain teasers. There’s everything from mazes to cryptograms to Sudoku and Sumoku, so there is enough content to keep a puzzle lover busy for awhile – all at an affordable price. Each new puzzle type comes with a description of the objective in case you are not familiar with it. If you’re ever stuck, an answer key is conveniently located in the back of the book. There are two volumes to choose from, so when you complete one, you can pick up a copy of the next!


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